Questions and Answers

Question: What is a Near-Death Experience (NDE)?


This is a situation that occurs when a person who is very ill and close to death has the experience of leaving their body and having contact with something or someone from another world, (generally perceived to be heaven.) It is sometimes called an Out-of-Body experience

Question: Are there any aftereffects from an NDE?


Many people develop a sensitivity to light and sound (which I did.) Loud noises bother them. Another aftereffect – people who experience an NDE have a higher divorce rate than the general public. Some aftereffects are good – my blood pressure was lowered, for example. Also, almost everyone who experiences an NDE loses their fear of death.

Question: Can you explain living On-Purpose?


Living On-Purpose means your life is having a positive effect on other people. Everyone on earth was put here for a purpose. When you find yours, you will be living a happy, fulfilled life — one filled with meaning because you will be making a difference.